San Diego Comic Con 2014

Left to right; Palle Schmidt, Chris Miskiewicz, Bryce Carlson, Vanesa R. Del Rey. Image courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

Left to right; Palle Schmidt, Chris Miskiwicz, Bryce Carlson, Vanesa R. Del Rey. Image courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

SDCC is so much more fun, when you have a book on the shelves!

My partner Chris Miskiewicz and I pitched Thomas Alsop to several publishers at SDCC 2013, and now only a year later, BOOM! Studios has published the two first issues of the series. Crazy times.

I got invited on two panels this year, both the Breaking Into Comics Right Now panel hosted by BOOM! and the Uniting the Worldwide #makecomics Community panel, hosted by my friends over at Making Comics (In case you missed the podcast interview they did with me, click here) starring Mark Waid, Jim Zub, Christy Blanch, Rachel Beck and Andy Schmidt. The talk was recorded and will probably go online soon.

I could tell you stories… But most of them are unrelated to the process of making comics, which is what this site is about. So I’ll just share a few quick things I learned:

  • Publishers are not just the evil people who turn down your book proposals. They can be wonderfully supportive, generous people. Thanks to the people at BOOM! for a warm welcome. I have the greatest respect for your line of books, your work ethic and your mind set.
  • Monthly books beat graphic novels any day, in terms of audience and interest. Most people I met had either heard of Thomas Alsop or were already fans. I have a feeling this will continue to build.
  • Introductions by other creators is still the best way to meet people. If you’re with a trusted friend of a publisher, he’s much more likely to give you the time of day than if you go at it alone.
  • What goes around comes around. Helping friends make new connections is an even greater joy than being helped.
  • Never go out without your books, portfolio or business cards.
  • Always pack above items in your hand luggage. My bag was lost at LAX and I was left with very little to show for the first few days.

The next few weeks I’ll be working out of Periscope Studios in Portland, Oregon, making new contacts and slow progress on the next issue of Thomas Alsop. Stay tuned…


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