Thomas Alsop released!


Big day for me, as the monthly book I’ve been working on for almost a year is finally released TODAY from BOOM! Studios.

Thomas Alsop is the current Hand of the Island. A title that’s been passed down from generation to generation of the Alsop family since Richard Alsop was cursed in 1699 by an Indian tribe to become the supernatural protector for all of New York. Ever since that day, members of the Alsop Family have battled against every type of darkness in the service of the Island, a mysterious woman who guides them all, but only reveals herself in their dreams. The book is written by Chris Miskiewicz and illustrated by yours truly.

Here’s what the first review of issue #1 says:

Thomas is a whiskey-soaked hipster who just happens to also be a warlock… In a great twist of irony, in order to remain inconspicuous, Thomas must be part of a reality TV show with a supernatural theme. It’s a great premise and this comics series looks like it’s up to the challenge.

Read the rest of the review at Comics Grinder.

Thomas Alsop is for sale in comics stores in the US and everywhere else. If your local store can’t order it for you, you can order it directly from BOOM!. If you’re in New York tonight, be sure to swing by Forbidden Planet and get a signed copy from the writer, Chris Miskiewicz, who’ll be there alongside Paul Pope, Nick Bertozzi and Dean Haspiel.

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  1. Michael Freely June 19, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    Congrats, Palle!

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