How to Write & Draw Comics

Some of the best comic making help out there.

Pedro Rivera, artist, New York

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What others are saying about Comics For Beginners:

What a great website! I just started trying to draw my own comic and your combination of sound technique and a little bit of "artist's psychology" is really awesome/helpful. I have been drawing for years but always found other artists very intimidating. But I discover the comics world is full of people like you who just want to see more creation and more enthusiasm! Wow! I love it, and I love comics people.

Michael Freely, Portland, Maine

If I was just starting out doing comics as a profession, these videos would be invaluable info that tells me just what I NEED to know, rather than what I think I want to know

Michael Rhodes, California,

Awesome online help for those who wish to draw and write comics

Sudeep Menon, comics writer, India

Thanks so much for the videos and newsletter. They have been very helpful and I look forward to every one. Keep up the great work!

Rick Chandler, Cedar Hill, Texas

1fotoWhat can I learn from these videos?

Are you just starting out making comics? Are you holding back because you’re unsure of how to approach it? In doubt what tools to use, or the format and work processes involved in making comics?
Then Comics for Beginners is for you!
In ten tutorial videos, you will learn how to make your first comic, from story idea to finished pages. You will also gain access to online support in our comment sections and more premium content.

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This really shows the process of how comics start, something I've never really seen in books.

Farah Qistina, Singapore

Really helped me understand the process of creation. Helped me tie the idea together that storytelling is king no matter if your'e doing comics, tv, or writing a book. Gave me enough intellectual scaffolding to be able to get started on an idea and courage to follow through. Looking forward to more content and tips!!!

Jay Woodruff Ridgeland, Mississippi USA

The videos are extremely thorough and deals with a lot of "internal struggle" so to speak, that the artist/writer will have. "What if I get stuck?", "What if it isn't good enough". And it is very pragmatic to me as a writer - I get a much better understanding of the concept of drawing i.e. perspective, speech balloons and so on.

Christian, Denmark

Every artist and instructional book uses a different method that could confuse the beginner. The videos have given sound advice to wade through the confusion and actually begin working.

Kevin Deitz, Texas

There is one over riding theme that I see repeated in your advice - get it done. i have used this many times to make a critical decision between best practice and what I can "get away with" in order to keep going. I have used this principle to "shrug off" my mistakes and keep working. I can always do it better the next time - as long as I do it at all the first time.

Michael Freely, Portland Maine, USA

The videos help me to be more disciplined and to break down large projects into smaller stages.

Lars Rasmussen, Århus, Denmark

I'm a newbie, so having videos directly addressing how to start off, and explaining some tips on paneling and scriptwriting is really, really helpful.

Laney Jee, Manila, Philippines.

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